Business and Tourism Programme Partner
Business and Tourism Programme Partner

University of Birmingham

A civic institution at both a local and global level, the University of Birmingham delivers impact through its research and education to drive economic growth, social change and cultural development working in partnership.

The University of Birmingham has a major impact on the region as an employer, skills provider, research leader and international gateway. We are a driver of economic growth, a catalyst for social change and a champion of cultural development in Birmingham, the West Midlands and beyond. We support more than 15,000 jobs in the region, with almost one in 50 jobs in Birmingham depending upon the University.

Elsewhere, through our campus in Dubai, we will play a leading role in delivering Dubai’s vision, and continue to bring demonstrable economic benefit through our partnerships in our sister city of Guangzhou, China. In India, we collaborate across education, healthcare, environmental sciences, global surgery, sports science, and more, to improve lives in India and across the world.

Our research drives the ideas and innovations our societies need, tackling challenges such as climate change, inclusive economic growth, digital skills and healthcare and well-being, by working in partnership with government, businesses, industry and communities. As a world-leading university, our role is to develop the skills of the future, and work with partners to harness frontier research and development.

For example, with our partner Siemens, our campuses in both Birmingham and Dubai will be transformed to create “living labs” where research, teaching and learning all benefit from access to new data and connectivity and by delivering an enriched, personalised experience for students, staff, academics and visitors that is fully connected, and sustainable.

We have a suite of innovation sites and assets which enable us, alongside our partners, to develop and test novel technologies in areas such as energy, engineering, and life sciences. In addition, our museums, galleries and collections cover a breadth of historic and contemporary material across the arts and sciences and support academic, public and community engagement through a rich exhibitions and events programme.

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