Commercial Partner
Commercial Partner


Hammerson are an owner, operator and developer of sustainable prime urban real estate.

We create vibrant, continually evolving spaces, in and around thriving cities, where people and brands want to be. We seek to deliver value for all our stakeholders and to create a positive and sustainable impact for generations to come.

Hammerson has some of the best assets in the very best prime city centre catchments, and, due to the strong ties we have in the communities in which we operate, supportive local authorities.

There are near term opportunities to grow income and significant opportunities for repositioning these assets in the medium term. We will do this by maximising income through optimising use of space including: the repurposing of department stores; redeveloping under-utilised space to alternative uses; curating new and engaging spaces; and attracting new occupiers and services.

By driving excitement and placemaking we create an amazing platform to enable future successful development and city-centre regeneration. In the short term we are focused on where we can unlock value and enable development, especially where this can complement our existing assets.

We have just over 100 acres of land ownerships and we are progressing detailed feasibility studies for mixed-use developments, largely adjacent to our existing retail destinations.

The land promotion projects offer the potential for us to become one of the leading city regeneration developers, creating lasting concepts and retaining long term custodianship using our placemaking and operational expertise.


Twitter: @Hammersonplc

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