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This is a ‘Golden Decade of Opportunity’ for Birmingham and its people: a period book-ended by this summer’s unforgettable Commonwealth Games and the arrival of high-speed rail in a decade’s time.

The 2022 Commonwealth Games showcased the city’s rich history, diversity and its bright future as a major cultural and economic centre in the UK. With over five million people visiting the city and millions watching from 134 countries worldwide, Birmingham’s successful hosting of the Games firmly reinforced its place on the international stage.

The UK’s largest regional city is also home to a young, diverse and growing population with an entrepreneurial flair. After all, more businesses are created here than any other regional city in the United Kingdom.

Unrivalled domestic and international connectivity – combined with unprecedented investment of over £3.68bn in infrastructure – have been key factors in its rapid growth, while its Business, Professional and Financial Services sector – the largest outside London – is projected to grow to £50bn per annum by 2030.

Above all, Birmingham offers talent across the spectrum of insurance, accountancy, banking, law, FinTech and support services. In addition to a wealth of experienced talent, each year business, finance and law graduates pour into the city from its surrounding universities, drawing in global firms such as HSBC, PwC and Goldman Sachs.

That talent pipeline is also driving an expansion in new sectors such as tech. With around 3000 tech businesses generating over £2billion for the local economy, Birmingham has the largest and fastest growing tech sector outside London and is home to more software developers, programmers and software architects than any other regional city in the UK.

  • The UK’s best-connected city and the centre of the UK’s high-speed rail line
  • The youngest large city in Europe with 36% of the population under 25 years old
  • Home to 90,000 students and 5 universities

Taken together, our location, infrastructure and exceptional talent make Birmingham a compelling destination to do business and invest.

A view of Birmingham's Centenerary Square with fountains in the foreground, library to the left and HSBC UK HQ to the right. Buildings and cranes can be seen in the background.
Birmingham City Council logo
A crowd gathered outside in Birmingham citry centre, around a mechanical raging bull used at the Birmingham 2022 COmmonwealth Games ceremonies.